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Travel Light Bags are now available in  a new khaki color for summer!
you can  order these light and bright color combinations
 in any size or style of bag or backpack.
Click here to view more khaki color combinations

 Questions? call 800-826-1199 and we are happy to help

Kh/G9  Tan and black Klimt
pictured in style S... $82

Kh/S73 Tan Navaho
pictured in style S... $82

Kh/F5 Monet Treescape
pictured in style S... $82
Kh/G47 Lavender Leaf Swirl
pictured in style S...$82
Kh/G76 Rothko abstract
pictured in style 221L $72
Kh/G21 Tan/Brown/Gray Matisse
pictured in style S...$82
Kh/G90 Martini Modern Art Circles
pictured in style S...$82
Kh/G24 Kandinsky
pictured in style S...$82
Kh/S78 Taupe Brocade
pictured in style S...$82
Kh/Sp5 Painted Warp
pictured in style 106...$86

Click here to view and print our khaki brochure

All these color combinations are available in all styles of bags or backpacks.

Questions? call 800-826-1199

Our super-light organizer bags of durable  ballistic nylon are now available in a new  light and bright Khaki color, accented with your choice of rich tapestry fabrics.
     Combining materials is what we do best and  these bags give you the durability of waterproof ballistic nylon plus the beauty of our colorful art-inspired fabrics.
All bags feature lots of  pockets both inside and out, which help you get organized. They all have a snap hook inside for your keys and a top zipper keeps the contents of the main compartment safe and secure.  These bags are almost indestructible. And best of all, they weigh almost nothing.    Find the size that works best for you.
     Click here to see our colorful fabrics.

Order Toll-Free at 1-800-826-1199

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